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  1. Senior Financial Officer
  2. Technical Associate I
  3. Technical Associate II
  4. Senior Research Support Associate, Lieberman Lab
  5. Research Scientist, Lieberman Lab

1. Senior Financial Officer – Job ID #18844

Position Overview:

Under the general direction of the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) Assistant Director (AD), the Senior Financial Officer (SFO) for IMES and the Harvard-MIT Program in Sciences and Technology (HST), is responsible for the fiscal management of all financial related transactions, including all sponsored, non-sponsored, and general accounts according to the terms and conditions of the sponsor and the Institute. The SFO will provide comprehensive leadership support and strategic direction to the IMES Finance Office. This individual will effectively lead a small team of financial staff and be responsible for training, orientation, and career development to optimize overall contributions to the department. The SFO will identify and optimize ongoing operational process improvement within the department.

The SFO will work closely with the AD and IMES Director on developing a consistent financial infrastructure to optimize sustainable performance. The SFO will ensure all accounts are in good standing. Responsibilities include providing direction to the finance team in ensuring the needs of Principal Investigators (PIs) and support staff are met while complying with institutional policies and governmental regulations.

Will provide the AD and Director with monthly financial reports, summaries, analyses, forecasts, and resource needs assessments, utilizing current and historical data. This individual will perform complex high-level financial work including budgeting, financial planning and analysis.  Ensures compliance with sponsor, agency, and MIT award terms conditions, and requirements.  Advises and counsels all department personnel on financial matters.

Position requires developing and maintaining relationships with a variety of departments and centralized offices at multiple institutions (e.g. MIT, Harvard Medical School (HMS), area hospitals, and other affiliated research institutions) to facilitate financial activities for current and new initiatives.  Will create, enhance, and employ infrastructure and controls as needed to ensure compliance with policies and procedures, and make recommendations regarding fiscal policies, plans, and strategies.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions**):

  • Participate in the development of financial planning and strategies for IMES.
  • Develop and implement financial policies, procedures, and process improvements.
  • Responsible for managing the full sponsored research portfolio from proposal to close-out, with support from the financial staff.  Advise PIs and staff on all aspects of sponsored administration.
  • Continuously monitor complex research administration items, including but not limited to cost sharing, underrecovery, overruns, etc.
  • Maintain relationships with stakeholders internal to MIT as well as external relationships with HMS  and other external programmatic activity. Ensure that IMES and HST business is conducted in compliance with institutional and local policies and procedures in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Develop, maintain, and compile the annual general and non-research account budgets for both MIT and HMS in collaboration with the Director and AD. Support the Director and AD with information and recommendations regarding budget forecasts and planning.
  • Responsible for forecasting and reviewing monthly financial activity.
  • Manage the department’s expense reconciliation on all financial activities (e.g. HMS) to ensure all charges are accurate and appropriately reflected in compliance with the Institute and sponsored account terms and conditions.
  • Support AD with general department closing activities. View and approve department expenditures.
  • Manage, review, and record effort certification.
  • Prepare financial reports and summaries, and examine current and historical costs for trend analysis and forecasting.
  • Manage the updating and maintenance of financial authorizations as reflected in the MIT systems of record.
  • Supervise and mentor financial staff.  Ensure high levels of performance from the financial team members through training, work standards, and accountability.  Provide performance feedback and assist direct reports with plans for development and training. Train support staff and implement administrative systems with oversight on all financial operations and research administration matters to ensure compliance with all stakeholders (e.g. sponsors, MIT partners, etc.).
  • Develop and maintain proficiency in financial systems and applications as relevant.
  • Interpret MIT, uniform guidance, and other institution policies.
  • Coordinate internal and external audits.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Qualifications & Skills: 

Required: Bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of experience in research administration, accounting, or finance.  Must have proven ability to work in a complex environment, handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and meet deadlines.  Must have excellent communication, analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills.  Demonstrated ability to work independently and with others; strong attention to detail and accuracy; and ability to set goals and objectives, present solutions to complex problems, and be self-motivated.  Strong experience with SAP, Kuali Coeus, Cognos, Brio, and Excel.  Ability to learn changing technologies related to grants and contract management.  Knowledge of federal guidelines.

Please apply to the position using job #18844 through the MIT jobs portal at

2. Technical Associate I – Job ID #18798

Job Description & Minimum Qualifications:

Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES), to participate in a variety of research experiments and duties in the Brown Lab, including animal handling and training.  Will be responsible for independent animal handling, assisting with the set-up of behavioral experiments, and various aspects of animal husbandry management.  Responsibilities include monitoring, managing, and documenting water and food intake for animals; performing necessary medical duties, including hygienic maintenance and antibiotic and analgesic dosing as needed and directed by lab protocol; transporting animals to-and-from animal facility/laboratory; planning and coordinating behavioral programs for training with researchers; setting-up animals for behavioral training sessions as directed; assisting researchers with recording sessions and data analysis and presentation; performing autoclaving for common materials such as packs, pipettes, and laboratory waste; assisting researchers with all aspects of recording, including assembling materials and major equipment and performing experiments; assisting with data analysis and presentations (graphic representations and textual descriptions and/or PowerPoints, posters, and manuscripts); and performing other duties as assigned.

REQUIRED:  a B.S. in biology, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, or related field; two years of research experience in a laboratory or clinical setting; strong organizational, interpersonal, and verbal and written communication skills; meticulous attention to detail; and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, troubleshoot experimental obstacles, and exhibit good judgment.  PREFFERED: animal research experience involving one or more of the following–drug delivery, blood vessel cannulation, vascular access ports, neural recording, and/or physiologic monitoring; programming experience with MATLAB/Python; and experience with non-rodent mammals.

Please apply to the position using job #18798 through the MIT jobs portal at

3. Technical Associate II – Job ID #18546

Position Overview:

Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES)-Integrative Neuromonitoring and Critical Care Informatics Group, to provide complex database analysis, design, and maintenance and improve data utilization within a fast-paced translational research group.  Will coordinate with a dynamic team of MIT investigators and work closely with clinical collaborators from Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Boston Medical Center.  Responsibilities will include performing complex analysis on large-scale datasets to understand disease processes; advising on experimental and analysis design and developing technologies for improved diagnostics and therapy; acquiring, archiving, and analyzing data from patients in neurocritical and emergency care; implementing and maintaining hardware/software solutions for data acquisition in neurocritical care and other clinical environments in support of ongoing and planned evaluations of novel patient monitoring solutions; assisting with data acquisition and management, including database development and maintenance; ensuring lab adheres to MIT and other research administration policies; and performing other duties as assigned.

REQUIRED:  B.S. (M.S. preferred) in electrical engineering, computer science, biomedical engineering, or related field; four years’ experience including relevant scientific/technical programming experience with MATLAB, LabView, C, or Java; experience with Linux system administration, relational database administration, and core scripting competency in Python and MATLAB; excellent organizational and interpersonal skills; attention to detail and accuracy; self-motivation; and ability to work independently and as part of a team, be accountable for own work and remain committed to exceeding quality standards, and respond to the dynamic needs of the research group and clinical environment. PREFFERED: programming experience in or knowledge of Python and Perl on a GNU/Linux or UNIX host environment; and familiarity with networking (switch management), virtualization (KVM/QEMU), and storage technologies like Ceph and Gluster

Please apply to the position using job #18546 through the MIT jobs portal at

4. Senior Research Support Associate, Lieberman Lab – Job ID #18895

Position OverviewInstitute for Medical Eng. and Science (IMES)-Lieberman Lab, to join the Lieberman Lab, an interdisciplinary microbiology research laboratory focused on the human skin microbiome.  Will assist with cutting-edge microbiome techniques and participate in multiple projects at the interface of basic and applied research. Will work on projects for screening bacterial strains that inhibit Staphyloccus strains for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and a project on the evolution of skin commensals. Responsibilities include assisting with evaluating research methods, procedures, and techniques based on established objectives; growing microbial cultures and preparing culture-independent and culture-dependent DNA sequencing; extracting genomic DNA and performing quality control on genomic libraries, troubleshooting errors and liaising with sequencing core; documenting results of experiments with detailed laboratory notes; maintaining databases of prepared genomic libraries, laboratory chemicals, and frozen microbiology stocks; using and maintaining in-house sequencers (Nanopore MinION and Illumina iSeq); preparing common stocks of media for general use; maintaining anaerobic chamber and culture and isolating bacteria and phages in anaerobic and aerobic conditions; assisting laboratory members with analysis and interpretation of their results and on research papers on new laboratory methods; attending and participating in lab meetings; and other duties as requested.

REQUIRED: high school diploma or its equivalent, prior exposure to a research lab, working knowledge of general laboratory practices/procedures, ability to work independently and as part of a team, strong communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to troubleshoot experimental obstacles and exhibit good judgment. PREFERRED:  bachelor’s degree in microbiology or anaerobic biology; biological laboratory experience, including library preparation for high-throughput sequencing; experience preparing libraries for DNA sequencing; and microbiology experience.

This position will initially be for two years with the possibility of extension based on funding.

Please apply to the position using job#18895 through the MIT jobs portal at

5. Research Scientist, Lieberman Lab — Job ID #18907

Position Overview: Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES)-Lieberman Lab, to join the Lieberman Lab and develop in-house genomic pipelines into widely-used community resources, conduct original research, and build systems for data tracking of high-throughput experiments.  Will develop new computational tools for microbial genomes and metagenomes; and develop in-house computational pipeline (currently a mix of Snakemake, Python, and MATLAB) for mutation calling into a publishable and well-commented Python-based toolbox, use it to make new biological insights, and write an accompanying manuscript. Subsequent research projects will center on new analyses of metagenomic data. Will also work with principle investigator (PI) to outline important analyses, determine next directions, and document results for publication; work with the PI to develop databases for tracking high-throughput experiments and programming robotic instruments; maintain shared directories, data backup infrastructure, and public code repositories; train new personnel on computing cluster use and computing best practices, including version control and file compression; assist lab members in making their code faster and more readable and addressing queries via Slack; lead local workshops training members of other groups on computational tools; present work at local and non-local conferences; attend and participate in lab meetings; and perform other duties as requested.

REQUIRED: Ph.D. in computer science, biology or related field; thorough understanding of computational biology or data science experience and two years’ experience with genomic data; experience with Python, computing clusters, and GitHub; excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills; detail-orientation; self-direction; and ability to work independently and in a team and to respond to the dynamic needs of the research group; and discretion with confidential information.  PREFERRED:  experience programming laboratory robots.

This position will initially be for two years with the possibility to extend based upon funding.

Please apply to the position using job#18907 through the MIT jobs portal at


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