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MIT linQ Announces 2019 Class of IDEA2 Global

Contact Eric Norman MIT linQ Communications 14 international teams developing new biomedical technologies Teams win seven-month innovation training and project mentoring from innovators at MIT and other world-class institutions New technologies for a range of unmet medical needs, including a painless microneedle patch for treating pediatric asthma and novel…

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Painting a fuller picture of how antibiotics act

Machine learning reveals metabolic pathways disrupted by the drugs, offering new targets to combat resistance. Most antibiotics work by interfering with critical functions such as DNA replication or construction of the bacterial cell wall. However, these mechanisms represent only part of the full picture of how antibiotics act. In a…

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HST faculty member Elliot Chaikof wins 2019 Flance-Karl Award

The Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology is proud to announce that faculty member Elliot Chaikof has won the 2019 Flance-Karl Award, accorded annually by the American Surgical Association. The award is given to one surgeon in the U.S. who has made a significant impact in translational research, having…

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