IMES director’s “new normal” is anything but

Covid-19 has upended routines across MIT. For professor and cardiologist Elazer Edelman, head of the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES), that’s meant there’s no such thing as a typical day. The following story originally appeared in MIT Technology Review: Since the covid-19 pandemic took hold in…

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MIT-Takeda program launches

Research projects, including some led by IMES faculty members, will harness the power of artificial intelligence to positively impact human health. In February, researchers from MIT and Takeda Pharmaceuticals joined together to celebrate the official launch of the MIT-Takeda Program. The MIT-Takeda Program aims to fuel the development and application…

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A boost for cancer immunotherapy

Engineers, including a faculty member at IMES and an HST graduate, have designed nanoparticles that stimulate the immune system, helping it to attack tumors. One promising strategy to treat cancer is stimulating the body’s own immune system to attack tumors. However, tumors are very good at suppressing the immune system,…

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Carbon nanotube transistors make the leap from lab to factory floor

A technique developed by MIT researchers, including an HST student, paves the way for more energy efficient, 3D microprocessors. Carbon nanotube transistors are a step closer to commercial reality, now that MIT researchers have demonstrated that the devices can be made swiftly in commercial facilities, with the same equipment used…

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