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Faculty Profile: Roger Mark

Data for all To positively impact global health, build an accessible multinational community around data. That’s what Dr. Roger Mark, Distinguished Professor of Health Sciences and Technology and of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and his colleagues at the Laboratory for Computational Physiology (LCP) believe. For five decades, Mark has…

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Faculty Spotlight: Charles Sodini

Microelectronics and medicine Charles Sodini believes microelectronics will change medicine. With state-of-the-art mixed-signal integrated circuits, miniaturized and mobile medical devices may reduce the time to detect disease, inform clinical decisions, and improve care—all at significantly lower cost. “Most people know how computers changed from ‘big boxes’ to personal computers, and…

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Faculty Spotlight: Leia Stirling

Enabling the great beyond. Leia Stirling wants to make wearables invaluable to clinicians. “A patient performs a set of activities at home, comes back and improves, doesn’t improve, or gets worse. The clinician has to figure out, ‘Okay, why?’” Through collaboration with occupational therapists from Mass General Hospital, Hebrew SeniorLife,…

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