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Faculty Spotlight: Charles Sodini

Photo by Lillie Paquette | School of Engineering

Microelectronics and medicine Charles Sodini believes microelectronics will change medicine. With state-of-the-art mixed-signal integrated circuits, miniaturized and mobile medical devices may reduce the time to detect disease, inform clinical decisions, and improve care—all at significantly lower cost. “Most people know how computers changed from ‘big boxes’ to personal computers, and…

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Faculty Spotlight: Leonid Mirny

Leonid Mirny

Exploring the Genome in 3D Since 2008, Leonid Mirny, Professor of Medical Engineering and Science, and Physics, has worked to understand the human genome in 3D with his team at MIT in collaboration with the Dekker Lab at UMass Medical School. Using new data uncovered via Chromosome Conformation Capture (Hi-C)…

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Faculty Spotlight: Leia Stirling

Photo courtesy of William Litant/MIT

Enabling the great beyond. Leia Stirling wants to make wearables invaluable to clinicians. “A patient performs a set of activities at home, comes back and improves, doesn’t improve, or gets worse. The clinician has to figure out, ‘Okay, why?’” Through collaboration with occupational therapists from Mass General Hospital, Hebrew SeniorLife,…

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Faculty Spotlight: Lee Gehrke

Lee Gerhke. Photo by Justin Knight.

Delivering Diagnostics Life-threatening viruses need to be diagnosed in all corners of the world. Lee Gehrke may have an answer. Since 2010, Gehrke’s team has collaborated with a wide range of experts, including engineers, app developers, molecular virologists, and materials scientists, to create handheld diagnostic tests able to differentiate diseases…

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Faculty Spotlight: Sangeeta Bhatia

Sangeeta Bhatia

Photo courtesy of the Laboratory for Multiscale Regenerative Technologies.

A Renaissance Woman for the Nano Age Sangeeta Bhatia, SM ’93, PhD ’97—an engineer, doctor, entrepreneur, and mother—invented a device that tests whether potential drugs are toxic. Now she’s working on fighting malaria and curing cancer. As a graduate student in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Sangeeta…

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