Faculty Spotlight: Charles Sodini

Microelectronics and medicine Charles Sodini believes microelectronics will change medicine. With state-of-the-art mixed-signal integrated circuits, miniaturized and mobile medical devices may reduce the time to detect disease, inform clinical decisions, and improve care—all at significantly lower cost. “Most people know how computers changed from ‘big boxes’ to personal computers, and…

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Laser particles could provide sharper images of tissues

A new imaging technique developed by scientists at MIT, Harvard University, and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) aims to illuminate cellular structures in deep tissue and other dense and opaque materials. Their method uses tiny particles embedded in the material, that give off laser light. The team synthesized these “laser particles”…

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Scene at MIT: Puppy love

Members of the MIT Puppy Lab brought their puppy love to the portico of Building 10 with unseasonably warm temperatures near 80 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Puppy Lab founder Stephanie Ku ’14, a graduate student in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program, says the dogs were an…

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