Inexpensive biology kits offer hands-on experience with DNA

To help students gain a better grasp of biological concepts, MIT and Northwestern University researchers have designed educational kits that can be used to perform experiments with DNA, to produce glowing proteins, scents, or other easily observed phenomena. Biology teachers could use the BioBits kits to demonstrate key concepts such…

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If the Spacesuit Fits

Movement really moves Richard Fineman, a fourth-year PhD student in the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology. Using wearable sensors and a range of complex modeling tools, Fineman is able to measure and understand a body in motion in unprecedented ways. He is using what he’s learning to advance…

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Chronic neural implants modulate microstructures in the brain with pinpoint accuracy

Photo: MiNDS probes cause minimal injury to brain tissue. This picture shows minimal tissue scarring (green and red stains) and healthy neuron growth (purple) surrounding the implant. Credit: Khalil Ramadi The diversity of structures and functions of the brain is becoming increasingly realized in research today. Key structures exist in the…

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