Ellen Roche

Core Faculty
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Ellen Roche

Core Faculty


  • Post-doctoral Research Fellow, RCSI/NUI Galway, Ireland
  • Assistant Professor, MechE and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Starting September 2017)


Ellen Roche received her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from NUIGalway, and went on to work in the medical device industry (Mednova, Abbott Vascular and Medtronic) before receiving her MSc in Bioengineering from Trinity College Dublin. She completed her PhD at Harvard University under the guidance of Professor David Mooney in the Mooney Lab and Professor Conor Walsh  in the Harvard Biodesign Lab.
To date her research has focused on new approaches to cardiac device design. In industry she worked on embolic carotid filters, drug eluting coronary stents and trans-aortic valve bioprosthesis delivery systems. During her PhD she used soft robotic techniques to develop a bioinspired cardiac simulator (Roche et al, Advanced Materials, 2014) and, in collaboration with a team of cardiac surgeons from Boston Children’s Hospital designed an extra-cardiac compression device that can increase cardiac output in a failing heart animal model (Roche et al, in submission, 2015). As well as mechanical device design, she also worked on employing biomaterials to improve cell delivery and retention to the infarcted heart (Roche and Hastings, Biomaterials, 2014Hastings and Roche, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2015) and took the engineering lead in a multi-disciplinary collaborative team between Harvard, Boston Children’s hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital to design a light-reflecting catheter that can close tissue defects atraumatically (Roche and Fabozzo, Science Translational Medicine, 2015).
As a post-doctoral research fellow, Ellen is using computational methods (finite element analysis) to optimize device design, including analysis of drug release kinetics from devices and fluid structure interactions for soft actuators. In the future, her research will incorporate engineering advances in manufacturing technologies, and computational analysis tools into the device design process to develop novel therapeutic strategies for tissue repair. Her lab will have strong collaborations with surgeons and interventionalists from local hospitals for constant input into the device design process and to enable accurate development of clinically representative laboratory and pre-clinical test protocols.


  • B.Eng, NUIGalway, Ireland, 2004
  • MSc, Trinity College, Dublin, 2010
  • PhD, Harvard University, 2015
  • B. Med.Sci, RCSI/NUIGalway, Ireland, Anticipated 2016

selected awards/societies

  • American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Award 2014-2015
  • Fulbright International Science and Technology Award 2011-2014
  • Pierce Fellowship for Outstanding Graduate Students 2011-2014
  • Judah Folkman Award, 2014
  • First Place Award, 3-in-5 Competition, Design of Medical Devices, 2013
  • First Place Award, International Student Design Showcase, Design of Medical Devices, 2013
  • Overall Winner, Mimics Engineering on Anatomy for Cardiovascular Applications, 2013
  • First Place Thesis Award, Trinity College, Dublin, 2010
  • First Place Examinations Award, Trinity College, Dublin, 2010
  • Technical Excellence Contribution Award, AbbottVascular, 2007
  • Ryan Hanley Prize for best final year project, NUIGalway, 2004
  • Medtronic Prize for best final year project, NUIGalway, 2004
  • First Place Examinations Award, NUIGalway, 2004


Ellen Roche’s research will focus on applying novel manufacturing technologies (soft robotics, thermal forming, encapsulation and actuation of bioactive agents) to translational medical devices, and developing devices along the translational path from concept to clinic. Her work will include devices for treating cardiovascular disease but will broaden to other clinical applications, with a strong focus on characterization of these devices through laboratory and pre-clinical testing and computational analysis. Ellen has a strong interest in transcardiac surgery, congenital heart conditions and the combination of mechanical and biological therapies (Cezar et al, PNAS, in review, 2015). Her research will explore how best to combine these strategies for polytherapeutic approaches. Clinical and industry collaboration throughout the design process will be a key component of her research approach.

selected publications

  • E. T. Roche,  A. Fabozzo, Y. Lee, P. Polygerinos, I. Friehs, L. Schuster, A. M. Casar Berazaluce, A. Bueno, N. Lang,
    M. J. N. Pereira, E. Feins, S. Wassermann, E. D. O’Cearbhaill, N. V. Vasilyev, D. J. Mooney, J. M. Karp, P. J. del Nido, and C. J. Walsh. “A light reflecting balloon for atraumatic tissue defect closure.” Science Translational Medicine 7 (2015): 306. (Front cover article).
  • E. T. Roche, R. Wohlfarth, J. T. B. Overvelde, N. V. Vasilyev, F. A. Pigula, D. J. Mooney, K. Bertoldi, and C. J. Walsh CJ. “A Bioinspired Soft Actuated Material.” Advanced Materials 26 (2014): 1200-1206. (Front cover article). 
  • E. T. Roche, C. L. Hastings, S. A. Lewin, D. E. Shvartsman, Y. Brudno, N. V. Vasilyev, F. J. O’Brien, C. J. Walsh, G. P. Duffy, D. J. Mooney. “Comparison of biomaterial delivery vehicles for improving acute retention of stem cells in the infarcted heart.” Biomaterials 35.25 (2014): 6850-8.
  • C. L. Hastings, E. T. Roche, E. Ruiz-Hernandez, K. Schenke-Layland, C. J. Walsh, and G. P. Duffy (co-first author). “Drug and cell delivery for cardiac regeneration.” Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 84 (2014): 85-106.

A full list of Ellen Roche’s publications can be found on her website.