From June 20-21, 13 select teams of entrepreneurs, doctors, and researchers from countries including Spain, Chile, Canada, and the U.S. gathered to participate in the 2019 MIT LinQ IDEA2 Global program. Teams worked with technology experts and entrepreneurs from elite institutions in the Boston area and throughout the world alongside MIT faculty with the aim of turning their innovative medical technology ideas into credible healthcare solutions.

For two full days, the groups presented and sharpened their ideas through a variety of skills-building activities, working together on the MIT campus to clarify their objectives and further develop their projects with an eye toward advancing patient care. Their methods involved novel cell therapies, wearable devices, and groundbreaking online applications poised to address a host of unmet medical needs.

Among the groups’ myriad inventive concepts: a painless microneedle patch for treating pediatric asthma; a wearable device for monitoring sunlight exposure, improving the quality of life for patients suffering from photosensitivity; and an online public-benefit marketplace designed to expand access to essential and life-saving medications.

After the workshop, trainees reported being challenged to think in new ways. They also expressed an appreciation for the diversity of activities offered, which ranged from lively, interactive sessions to targeted one-on-one consultations with individual groups.

“So many things worked well in the last two days,” said one participant. “We learned about the multidimensional approach towards our research problem.”

Added another: “It has been a mind-opening experience for my team and me. We set goals and priorities and redefined our path. Now, we’re excited to get back to the studio to keep working on our device.”

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