Virtual Event: APRIL 12th, 2021 — 9am EDT

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The event is co-sponsored by IMES.

The potential of AI to bring equity in healthcare has spurred significant research efforts across academia, industry and government.  Racial, gender and socio-economic disparities have traditionally afflicted healthcare systems in ways that are difficult to detect and quantify.  New AI technologies, however, provide a platform for change. By bringing together thought leaders in these fields, we will assess the current state-of-the-art work in this space, identify key areas of impact, and present machine learning techniques that support fairness, personalization and inclusiveness.  We will also discuss the regulatory and policy implications of such innovations.

Areas of Focus:

  • Algorithms for Fairness and Debiasing
  • Learning to Personalize Clinical Care
  • Data Sources for Equitable Healthcare
  • Evaluation of AI Algorithms
  • Regulatory Issues for Robust AI Deployment
  • AI Fixes for Health Inequities
  • Racial Disparities in Health Outcomes
  • Race and Medical Mistrust 

Regina Barzilay, Delta Electronics Professor, EECS, and Faculty Co-Lead, J-Clinic, and affiliate faculty member at IMES, is one of the conference organizers and will be presenting. Collin Stultz, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EEC), and a core faculty member at IMES, is also a conference organizer and will be delivering opening remarks.