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MIT IMES professor elected to the National Academy of Medicine for 2019

Sangeeta Bhatia and Richard Young recognized for their contributions to “advancement of the medical sciences, health care, and public health.” Sangeeta Bhatia, an MIT professor of electrical engineering and computer science and of health sciences and technology, and Richard Young, an MIT professor of biology, are among the 100 new…

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Yearlong hackathon engages nano community around health issues

Hacking Nanomedicine kicks off a series of events to develop an idea over time. A traditional hackathon focuses on computer science and programming, attracts coders in droves, and spans an entire weekend with three stages: problem definition, solution development, and business formation. Hacking Nanomedicine, however, recently brought together graduate and postgraduate students…

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Study furthers radically new view of gene control

Along the genome, proteins form liquid-like droplets that appear to boost the expression of particular genes. In recent years, MIT scientists have developed a new model for how key genes are controlled that suggests the cellular machinery that transcribes DNA into RNA forms specialized droplets called condensates. These droplets occur…

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