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Kwanghun Chung named 2014 Searle Scholar

Kwanghun Chung, an assistant professor of chemical engineering and member of the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) and the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, has been awarded a 2014 Searle Scholarship. The Searle Scholars Program offers grants to support the independent research of outstanding young scientists who…

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Erasing a genetic mutation

Using a new gene-editing system based on bacterial proteins, MIT researchers have cured mice of a rare liver disorder caused by a single genetic mutation. The findings, described in the March 30 issue of Nature Biotechnology, offer the first evidence that this gene-editing technique, known as CRISPR, can reverse disease…

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A paper diagnostic for cancer

Cancer rates in developing nations have climbed sharply in recent years, and now account for 70 percent of cancer mortality worldwide. Early detection has been proven to improve outcomes, but screening approaches such as mammograms and colonoscopy, used in the developed world, are too costly to be implemented in settings…

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