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AI Cures: data-driven clinical solutions for Covid-19

MIT conference illustrates technologies developed in response to the pandemic and new opportunities for AI solutions for clinical management. Modern health care has been reinvigorated by the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence. From speeding image analysis for radiology to advancing precision medicine for personalized care, AI has countless applications, but…

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Emery Brown wins Swartz Prize for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience

Award cites major contributions to statistical analysis of brain activity and advancing the neuroscience of anesthesia. The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) announced today that it has awarded the Swartz Prize for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience to Emery N. Brown, the Edward Hood Taplin Professor of Medical Engineering and Computational Neuroscience…

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Statistical model research by an IMES faculty member and an HST student improves analysis of skin conductance

By accounting for sweat physiology, method can make better use of electrodermal activity for tracking subconscious changes in physical or emotional state. Electrodermal activity (EDA) — the sweat-induced fluctuations of skin conductance made famous in TV dramatizations of lie-detector tests — can be a truly strong indicator of subconscious, or…

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