Collins Lab member, Ally Huang has been named as a winner of the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s 2018 Student E-Poster Competition in the Education category for her presentation – an introduction of a low-cost synthetic biology educational kit. These shelf-stable, freeze-dried, cell-free reactions are activated by water, with reactions that engage the senses. The components produce fluorescence, fragrances, and hydrogels and can teach tunable protein expression, enzymatic reactions, and biomaterial formation, logic gates and biosensors to encourage student-driven, independent STEM explorations.

Ms. Huang will be recognized in an upcoming issue of Science and on AAAS’s annual meeting site.

portrait of Ally Huang

Ally Huang, named a winner of the AAAS 2018 Poster Competition

Ms. Huang is a 4th year PhD candidate in the Biological Engineering track. Her poster presents her thesis work in developing low-cost educational kits using synthetic biology tools.