Ellen Roche, the W.M. Keck Career Development Professor in Biomedical Engineering, and assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering, MIT, and a core faculty member at IMES, was awarded a Single Ventricle Research Fund Award from Additional Ventures for a research proposal focused on “A Multifaceted Approach to Understanding and Optimizing Single Ventricle Hemodynamics; Leveraging the Combined Power of In vitro Simulators, Computational Modeling and Clinical Imaging to Develop Non-Invasive Biomechanical Interventions.” 

The Single Ventricle Research Fund (SVRF) is an annual research award program that is solely focused on accelerating research and improving care for those with single ventricle heart defects through multi-year, high-impact grants.

In its inaugural program, the SVRF sought to fund research programs focused on the identification biomarkers and/or functional tools to map end-organ function in single ventricle (SV) patients, and on non-invasive interventional strategies to treat or prevent clinical sequelae in these patients.

More info here: https://www.additionalventures.org/svrf