Chronic neural implants modulate microstructures in the brain with pinpoint accuracy

Photo: MiNDS probes cause minimal injury to brain tissue. This picture shows minimal tissue scarring (green and red stains) and healthy neuron growth (purple) surrounding the implant. Credit: Khalil Ramadi The diversity of structures and functions of the brain is becoming increasingly realized in research today. Key structures exist in the…

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Alex K. Shalek named 2018 Pew-Stewart Scholars for Cancer Research

Alex K. Shalek, Pfizer-Laubach Career Development Assistant Professor, has been named one of five 2018 Pew-Stewart Scholars for Cancer Research. This program is a partnership between The Pew Charitable Trusts and The Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust to support promising early career scientists whose research will accelerate discovery and advance…

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Charting the path to better cell models of the intestine

*Photo: Image of a single Paneth cell with anti-microbial granules in red and green, derived from and adult intestinal stem cell, following the small molecule bioengineering approach identified by Mead et al. For many years, drug development has relied on simplified and scalable cell culture models to find and test new…

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