How expectation influences perception

Neuroscientists co-led by HST MEMP PhD student Nicolas Meirhaeghe find brain activity patterns that encode our beliefs and affect how we interpret the world around us. For decades, research has shown that our perception of the world is influenced by our expectations. These expectations, also called “prior beliefs,” help us…

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HST MEMP Diversity Ambassadors reflect on recent MIT Bridge Builder Award

In 2017, five PhD students in the Medical Engineering and Medical Physics (MEMP) program at HST launched efforts to markedly expand the program’s outreach to students from underrepresented groups in the sciences, e.g. women, minorities, and students with disabilities. Recognizing opportunities to adopt more inclusive practices across HST, Aditi Gupta,…

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A better way to encapsulate islet cells for diabetes treatment

When medical devices are implanted in the body, the immune system often attacks them, producing scar tissue around the device. This buildup of tissue, known as fibrosis, can interfere with the device’s function. MIT researchers have now come up with a novel way to prevent fibrosis from occurring, by incorporating…

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