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Chronic neural implants modulate microstructures in the brain with pinpoint accuracy

Photo: MiNDS probes cause minimal injury to brain tissue. This picture shows minimal tissue scarring (green and red stains) and healthy neuron growth (purple) surrounding the implant. Credit: Khalil Ramadi The diversity of structures and functions of the brain is becoming increasingly realized in research today. Key structures exist in the…

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MIT linQ welcomes IDEA² Global teams for 2018

The 13 teams admitted to MIT linQ’s IDEA² Global for 2018 have begun their seven-month program, which provides intensive innovation method training, collaborative project development, team-specific mentoring, and expertise to help projects move from novel idea to real-world application. MIT linQ is an international biomedical technology innovation consortium, based in the Institute for Medical Engineering and Sciences (IMES). The…

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