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Machine-learning system could aid critical decisions in sepsis care

Researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have developed a predictive model that could guide clinicians in deciding when to give potentially life-saving drugs to patients being treated for sepsis in the emergency room. Sepsis is one of the most frequent causes of admission, and one of the most…

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“Hey,Charlie” app supports those struggling with opioids

In the spring of 2016, while Emily Lindemer was working toward her PhD at MIT, she was also struggling with something closer to home: watching someone she knew well fall in and out of recovery from opioid addiction. Like many people in recovery, Lindemer’s friend had his ups and downs….

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Chronic neural implants modulate microstructures in the brain with pinpoint accuracy

Photo: MiNDS probes cause minimal injury to brain tissue. This picture shows minimal tissue scarring (green and red stains) and healthy neuron growth (purple) surrounding the implant. Credit: Khalil Ramadi The diversity of structures and functions of the brain is becoming increasingly realized in research today. Key structures exist in the…

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