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These fast, cheap tests could help us coexist with covid

Groundbreaking work on infectious agents and diseases already under way before the pandemic began—by MIT researchers, including at IMES—could yield ways to respond quickly to the global need for rapid, convenient covid testing. The following story appeared in MIT Technology Review, MIT News. Early in the covid pandemic, testing for…

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How machine learning is powering neuroimaging to improve brain health

Machine learning is contributing to rapid advances in clinical translational imaging to enable early detection, prediction, and treatment of diseases that threaten brain health. Several faculty members, researchers and students affiliated with the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) program, and with the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science…

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Emery Brown earns AIMBE’s highest honor

Pierre Galletti Award recognizes contributions to neural signal processing, anesthesiology advances The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering announced today that it is awarding its highest honor this year to Emery N. Brown, Edward Hood Taplin Professor of Computational Neuroscience and Health Sciences & Technology in The Picower Institute…

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