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HST MEMP PhD graduate Avilash Cramer will focus on making technology accessible to all

Cramer, focused on the inequities in healthcare and other technologies, has worked on everything from portable radiography tools to seismology research. The past school year, with its primarily online learning format and pandemic-fueled lack of in-person experiences, has been a challenge for students everywhere, including those graduating from the Harvard-MIT…

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School of Engineering welcomes new faculty

Fifteen new professors, including a new IMES faculty member, join the MIT community. The School of Engineering is welcoming 15 new faculty members to its departments, institutes, labs, and centers. With research and teaching activities ranging from the development of robotics and AI technologies to the modeling and optimization of renewable…

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Biotech possibilities: The rocky road from the laboratory to the market

Jeff Behrens’s research shows that it can be an uphill battle for life science startups to raise adequate capital The Covid-19 pandemic has vaulted life sciences and biotech companies into the spotlight, highlighting the importance of funding vital research in order to develop new vaccines, medical treatments and therapies. With…

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