Faculty Spotlight: Leonid Mirny

Exploring the Genome in 3D Since 2008, Leonid Mirny, Professor of Medical Engineering and Science, and Physics, has worked to understand the human genome in 3D with his team at MIT in collaboration with the Dekker Lab at UMass Medical School. Using new data uncovered via Chromosome Conformation Capture (Hi-C)…

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Using light to control genome editing

New technique offers precise manipulation of when and where genes are targeted. The genome-editing system known as CRISPR allows scientists to delete or replace any target gene in a living cell. MIT researchers have now added an extra layer of control over when and where this gene editing occurs, by…

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Field Work on the Navajo Reservation

A group of us, students from the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST), were recently offered the opportunity to volunteer with a non-profit organization staffing health screening clinics for preschoolers in Navajo Nation, a semi-autonomous Indian reservation that stretches across Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. There were five of…

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