New surgery may enable better control of prosthetic limbs

Reconnecting muscle pairs during amputation gives patients more sensory feedback from the limb, according to MIT researchers, including an HST alum and a current HST student. MIT researchers have invented a new type of amputation surgery that can help amputees to better control their residual muscles and sense where their…

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Biotech possibilities: The rocky road from the laboratory to the market

Jeff Behrens’s research shows that it can be an uphill battle for life science startups to raise adequate capital The Covid-19 pandemic has vaulted life sciences and biotech companies into the spotlight, highlighting the importance of funding vital research in order to develop new vaccines, medical treatments and therapies. With…

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An interview with HST Graduate Administrator Laurie Ward

A conversation between the MIT Office for Graduate Education (OGE) and Laurie Ward, graduate administrator for HST, to discuss what HST is doing for students seeking funding opportunities. MIT’s decentralized structure provides departments with many freedoms, one of which is the ability to offer, promote, and celebrate graduate fellowships however…

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