Large collaboration creates cell atlas of COVID-19 pathology

Single-cell analysis of autopsy samples from COVID-19 patients shows how the lungs repeatedly tried, and failed, to repair themselves. Scientists from several hospitals and research centers, including from the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES), have shown what happens in individual cells of patients who died of COVID-19….

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Engineering disease fighters

With synthetic biology and AI, Jim Collins takes on this pandemic—and the next In late January, just as he was stepping on stage to tape a TED video in New York, Jim Collins learned that the new respiratory virus discovered in Wuhan, China, was infectious in asymptomatic people. “I turned…

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Professor Emeritus Ernest Cravalho, an expert in thermodynamics and pioneer in thermal fluids education, dies at 82

A leader in thermodynamics, heat transfer, cryopreservation of biomaterials, and energy conversion, Cravalho shaped thermodynamic and biomedical education at MIT, and was a past associate director of HST. Ernest “Ernie” Cravalho, professor emeritus of mechanical engineering at MIT, passed away on Tuesday, April 13, at the age of 82. Cravalho…

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