Each year, MIT awards the Goodwin Medal to a Graduate Teaching Assistant or Instructor (G) who has performed above and beyond the norm, and whose teaching efforts can truly be characterized as “conspicuously effective.” This award was established in memory of Harry Manley Goodwin, the first dean of the graduate school at MIT, through a gift from his widow, Mary B. Goodwin, and son, Richard H. Goodwin.

This year’s Goodwin Medal recipient is Or Gadish, a graduate student in HST’s Medical Engineering and Medical Physics (MEMP) PhD program. Or is highly deserving of this award for his dedication and hard work.

Over the years, Or has made major contributions to the teaching of three different classes:

·      HST.090: Cardiovascular Pathophysiology

·      6.022: Quantitative Systems Physiology

·      HST.500: Frontiers in Biomedical Engineering & Physics

Or has had deep involvement in course design and implementation, exhibiting boundless energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter. Students appreciate his ability to simplify seemingly complex questions, the respect and professionalism that he brings to every interaction, and his supreme personal commitment to teaching. His nominators also praised him for his genuine concern for students and his ability to tailor his teaching style to meet the diverse needs of students from various educational backgrounds.

His sincere dedication and infectious passion add richness to many students’ educational experience at MIT.

Congratulations to Or Gadish on this award.