WEBINAR: Understanding the interface of vascular and mental health: from nano and microscale to tissues, organs, and patients

Featuring Principal Research Scientist Mercedes Balcells-Camps,
MIT Institute for Medical Engineering & Science
May 13, 2021: 1:00 PM EDT

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Abstract: People suffering from chronic illnesses are more likely to suffer from depression. Additionally, the risk of developing chronic illnesses is higher in people with mental disease. With the help of MIT Sloan Latin America Office (MSLAO) seed funds, we have joined forces with our colleagues in the top two institutions in Brazil: University of São Paulo Medical School and Universidade Federal de São Paulo to establish novel and unexplored phenotypes of chronic disease and mental health that classical measurements done during doctors visits are not able to capture. We are using novel digital data measurements from smartphones as well as tissue-engineered models of the vasculature in a vibrant international and multidisciplinary collaboration.