The MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) is a community of academia, industry, and medical institutions collaborating to improve human health.

Our team works at the nexus of engineering, science, and translational medicine to investigate the processes underlying disease and wellness; explore solutions for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment; and educate the next generation of biomedical engineers and clinician-scientists.

What we do

At IMES, we embrace groundbreaking research that spans multiple disciplines in human health. We support programs and initiatives that bring together academia, industry and the health care community, and educate future leaders through the pioneering Harvard-MIT Program in Health Science and Technology (HST). HST is IMES home at MIT.

A cross-campus hub

We are proud to serve as an integrative force both across MIT, and within the larger healthcare community. Through collaborative research, innovative partnerships, and relationships with DLC’s across the Institute, we are a hub that serves the entire MIT community.

Committed to impact

Guided by research excellence and the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, we serve as a hub that creates new opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Everything we do – from studying diseases associated with the human microbiome, to fostering medical-device and diagnostic innovation, to building relationships with leading life sciences companies – is with an eye on harnessing science and engineering to improve human health. We are committed to tackling and finding solutions for some of society’s most pressing challenges.  

IMES By the Numbers

Graphic showing IMES statistics: 100+ Faculty, 150+ Affiliated Researchers, 300+ Students, 42841 Square Feet of Space, 2012 Year Founded, 1970 Year HST Launched