The Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST) harnesses the combined strengths of science, engineering, and medicine, training the next generation of clinician-scientists and engineers to translate research findings into clinical practice and to improve human health.

HST educates innovators, investigators and compassionate clinicians – cultivating leaders who explore fundamental principles underlying disease and advance preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic methods in biomedicine. For more than 50 years, HST has been an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional collaboration between MIT, Harvard University and Boston-area teaching hospitals. IMES is HST’s home at MIT.

HST programs

HST Academic Programs


“HST’s unique collaboration between MIT, Harvard, and Boston-area teaching hospitals is another way we’re integrating science, medicine and engineering to solve problems in human health. It is a vital part of how IMES delivers on its mission.”

HST By the Numbers

HST statistics: 300+ MD and PhD Students enrolled, 100+ Affiliated HST faculty, 2,100+ ALUMNI IN MEDICINE, ACADEMIA, and INDUSTRY WORLDWIDE