Your gift to IMES supports novel research and graduate programs that advance health and train the next generation of biomedical engineers and clinician-scientists.

Donor support empowers us to work at the convergence of engineering, science, and clinical medicine, and to make an impact across many disciplines and departments across MIT.

Gifts to IMES help ensure that we’re able to:

  • Support students – The ability to offer generous multi-year financial support helps ensure that we are able to recruit the very best and brightest students, and provide them with the resources they need to thrive during their time at IMES.
  • Advance research – Gifts to IMES help advance our cutting-edge research in a range of crucial areas, including biomaterials science, drug delivery, and computational medicine and informatics.
  • Remain flexible, responsive, and innovative – Unrestricted gifts are flexible funds that can be allocated as needed at the discretion of our director. They allow us to manage IMES effectively, and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

What you can support

  • Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) Fund – Gifts to the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science Fund provide IMES with the resources needed to drive novel research and support graduate programs and provides the director with important discretionary income to address critical issues as they arise. It’s how we advance health and educate a generation of leaders working at the convergence of engineering, science, and clinical medicine.
  • HST Founders’ Fund This annual giving opportunity supports the groundbreaking Harvard-MIT- Health Science and Technology program. It provides us with unrestricted funds that can be used to support student research and a range of other program needs. 

Ways to give

We offer a range of convenient options for making your gift, including by credit card, check, stock, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and more.

However it is you choose to give, we appreciate your support!

Please contact Heather Kispert Hagerty, Assistant Dean for Development for the School of Engineering, at hkispert [at], to assist with:

  • Additional information about making a contribution
  • Other forms of giving such as wills, estates, or trusts
  • Supporting sponsored research

Learn about past donors and recipients, and the impact of giving to IMES!

Impact of Your Support