Career Opportunities


  1. Senior Administrative Assistant
  2. Laboratory Manager
  3. Financial Officer
  4. Technical Associate I
  5. Postdoctoral Associate

Senior Administrative Assistant – Job #19780

Position overview: Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES), to provide a wide range of complex and diverse administrative support for the director’s academic, teaching, and research activities and events.  Will represent the director to high-level internal/external stakeholders and handle complex inquiries; provide support to faculty, staff, students, and alumni; work with the assistant director to plan and coordinate high-level events; compose and edit a high volume of written communication, e.g., presentations, recommendation letters, grant proposal cover letters, and departmental-level community correspondence; serve as liaison for calendar management with multiple constituents; coordinate complex travel and scheduling arrangements for international visitors; gather information and submit requests for visiting and postdoctoral appointments; draft appointment letters; prepare materials for faculty promotion and tenure cases; work closely with the IMES finance department and principal investigators to perform month-end financial review and control (FRC) functions; monitor and reconcile sponsored research accounting statements; investigate and follow up on purchasing/accounting discrepancies; and perform other duties as assigned.  May serve as an approver for procurement card transactions and coordinate special projects. 

REQUIRED:  high school diploma or its equivalent; five years’ related experience, including experience in an academic setting; ability to maintain confidentiality; excellent organizational, problem-solving, interpersonal, communication, and writing skills; tact and discretion in interacts with a diverse constituency of faculty, staff, and students; meticulous attention to detail and accuracy; proficiency with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, web-based searches, and NIH grant and publication management; and ability to exercise good judgment and take initiative, work individually with minimal supervision and as a team player, and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously under deadline pressure.  PREFERRED:  bachelor’s degree and MIT experience.  Job #19780

Laboratory Manager – Job ID #19412

Position overview: Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES)-Edelman Lab, to support the principal investigator and research lab in the execution and maintenance of research operations.  Will coordinate meetings and lab events; organize and perform a broad range of laboratory experiments; identify and negotiate the purchase of complex equipment; assess equipment needs and schedule equipment maintenance/repair; assist with the maintenance and upgrade of laboratory website, lab calendar, lab directories, mailing lists, and other online resources; create databases using FileMaker Pro, Excel, and Access; implement and maintain analysis software; perform analysis and documentation of experimental protocols; utilize routine and special techniques for monitoring the safety of lab space and personnel, equipment maintenance, and the upkeep of an active cell and tissue culture facility; implement protocols and ensure all lab members are trained according to policies set by MIT’s Environment, Health, and Safety Office; oversee protocol implementation and renewals (CAC, COUHES); serve as the primary resource for lab members on research techniques, onboarding new staff to the lab, and training lab members in equipment operation and research techniques; and perform other duties as requested. 

REQUIRED:  B.S. in biology, biochemistry, or related field; at least four years’ specialized lab experience (which may include experience gained as an undergraduate); thorough understanding of research and broad knowledge of specific domain expertise for management of active cell culture; strong organizational and communication skills; attention to detail; ability to work effectively with a diverse group of people; and proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. PREFERRED:  master’s degree; supervisory experience; and familiarity with inventory systems such as iLab, Coupa, Atlas, and Google drive/documents (forms and spreadsheets).  Job #19412

Financial Officer – Job ID #19462

Position overview: Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES), to handle complex pre- and post-award sponsored research administration, including all sponsored, non-sponsored, and general accounts according to the terms/conditions of the sponsor and the Institute. Will utilize the COEUS award management module for proposal preparation and processing; advise principal investigators (PIs) on matters that pertain to financial management, including determining sponsor requirements and preparation of budgets/forms, tracking and monitoring financial performance of grants/contracts, preparing reports, budget forecasting, and financial analyses; prepare supplementary proposal documents and ensure proposals are complete before forwarding to sponsor; manage proposals with cost-sharing, sub-recipients costs, fixed-priced contracts, and managing the renewal and submission of applications; track proposals, manage under-recovery, cost-sharing, and subcontracts; manage sponsored project closeout processes and audit inquiries; collaborate on analyzing processes and improvements to implement enhancements; maintain relationships with a variety of departments and centralized offices at multiple institutions to facilitate financial activities for initiatives; interpret MIT and government policies; and perform other duties as assigned. 

REQUIRED:  bachelor’s degree; at least five years’ financial experience in accounting or related financial area; excellent communication, analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills; meticulous attention to detail and accuracy; self-motivation; experience with SAP or other accounting software, Kuali Coeus or other grants management systems, and Excel; demonstrated leadership and collaboration skills; and knowledge of federal guidelines. Must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and meet deadlines, set goals and objectives, present solutions to complex problems, learn changing technologies related to grants and contract management, and work both independently and with others.  PREFERRED:  knowledge of pre- and post-award financial activities, experience administering projects, programs/processes, and MIT experience.  Job #19462

Technical Associate I – Job #19857

TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE I, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science-Lieberman Lab, to join a lab that studies real-time evolution within the microbiomes of individual people with the aim of building the foundational ecological knowledge needed to realize the promise of precision microbiome engineering while addressing fundamental questions about the interactions of evolution and ecology in microbial communities.  Will perform a range of bench and computational research, including microbial cultivation from skin samples, genomic library preparation, analyses of next-generation sequencing data, and data management; participate in modification of protocols and experiment strategies, perform literature reviews to identify new protocols and computational approaches, and document standard operating procedures for the lab; maintain appropriate inventory of lab supplies, assist with ordering, and ensure items are charged to correct accounts; maintain the lab freezer inventory, making and maintaining stocks of lab reagents and the inventory of common lab disposables; maintain the lab’s backup data server; and summarize and document results and findings to PI and lab researchers and present research findings at laboratory meetings. May co-author manuscripts/articles for publication, perform independent research, and perform other duties as needed. 

REQUIRED:  bachelor’s degree in biology, computer science, or related field; at least two years’ experience in wet-lab biology or computational biology (may include experience gained as an undergraduate) and working knowledge of both wet and dry lab microbiological techniques; at least beginner-level proficiency coding in Python; strong organizational and communication skills; attention to detail; ability to work effectively with a diverse group of people; a strong command of Microsoft, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint; and willingness to explore and implement opportunities that will add value to the lab.  Job #19857

Postdoctoral Associate – Job #19676

Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES), to join a collaborative project at the interface of fluids and health driven by MIT’s Fluid Dynamics of Disease Transmission Laboratory and Boston University’s Mühlberger Laboratory at the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL). Will be co-mentored by professors Bourouiba and Mühlberger as part of an integrated, collaborative, interdisciplinary team of virologists, biologists, and physical and engineering scientists in their two labs and the collaborating labs of professors Heldt and Gray in IMES.  Will focus on the study of poorly understood mechanisms of respiratory virus transmission through the lens of fluid- and bio-physics as part of an interdisciplinary effort to tackle important knowledge gaps in our understanding of the various phases of host-to-host transmission that are the root of pandemics for a range of viral diseases. Viruses of interest include SARS-CoV-2 and Nipah. The work will include SARS-CoV-2 and Nipah virus cell culture infection studies, microscopy and spectroscopy analyses, designing and prototyping devices at various scales using additive/subtractive/molding techniques, functionally testing devices for use in the virological studies, and quantitative analyses of the results; maintaining a safe work environment; preparing regular written reports and presentations; engaging in team and sponsor meetings; and peforming other duties as assigned. REQUIRED:  Ph.D. in virology, microbiology, biomedical engineering, or other engineering/physical science; molecular biology and BSL-2 virology experience with a focus on RNA viruses; ability to work independently and as part of a team in a multidisciplinary setting, manage time, write, and prioritize deadlines; and proven commitment to producing accurate, high-quality work. PREFERRED:  experience in biophysics and modeling, microfabrication, and microfluidics.  Job #19676

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